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2018 Amorepacific Group Sustainability Report
We care Program for Good Workplace
‘Shared Office’ – A New Space for Working Together

A ‘shared office’ is launched on the 21st floor of Amorepacific Group global headquarters to support free collaboration and creative work.

The shared office is composed of four different spaces. ‘Chang Young-Sil’ is a co-working space that can accommodate up to two hundred employees while providing an active and comfortable atmosphere. ‘Jibhyeondang’ is a new kind of unmanned library where employees can study and debate in an open space. ‘Hyeum’ is an ideation space for future projects. ‘Hwajaengdae’ is a space for discussions and debates, which can accommodate up to ninety people. The shared office is a futuristic co-working space that will contribute to fostering employees’ creativity and collaboration.

Good Workplace Programs
In-house Clubs
458 employees in 20 in-house clubs
Thematic Lectures
Four lectures by invited experts throughout the year to strengthen humanistic literacy
Hope Tree
A wish-come-true program for employees who want to share hope with their colleagues and families
Maternity and Parental Leave

Amorepacific Group strives to foster a working environment where work and family are in harmony and balance. The Group offers a ‘Care for Expectant Moms’ program in an effort to create a women-friendly working environment for expectant mothers. The program promotes flex-time work, prenatal testing during work hours and no overtime, in addition to raising an awareness among team members to be considerate toward their pregnant colleagues. The program also provides ergonomic chairs, foot rests and blankets to help relieve physical discomfort as well as stretch mark creams and supplements to stay healthy during pregnancy.

Furthermore, expectant mothers are encouraged to use parental leave to encourage a balance between work and childcare after giving birth. The company also allows flex-time work for childcare and operates an on-site daycare center. In 2018, the number of employees using parental leave remained at a similar number from the previous year in both Amorepacific Group and Amorepacific. One-year retention rate after parental leave is maintained at over 80%.

Supporting Business Partners’ Growth and Innovation

Amorepacific Group is committed to drive inclusive growth by helping business partners’ grow and innovation.