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2018 Amorepacific Group Sustainability Report
Promoting Responsible Consumption
Sustainable Products

Using Naturally Derived and Organic Ingredients

Amorepacific Group responds to resource depletion through natural raw materials and improves the environmental impact of its contents. We also use organic certified raw materials and follow eco-friendly production processes.

Applying Biomass Plastics

Instead of petroleum-derived raw materials, we use biomass plastics that use renewable plant-derived raw materials in product containers. (Applied to 67 new products in 2018)

Promoting the use of recycled packaging materials

Recycled plastic containing recycled raw materials is used as a product container. (Applied to 27 new products in 2018)

Minimizing Residual Product Content in Containers

By improving the structure of product packaging materials, we reduce the amount of waste left in containers after use to prevent waste of resources and environmental pollution.

Used FSC-certified papers for product boxes

Amorepacific Group uses FSC-certified papers made of wood from sustainable forests in product containers. (Applied to 573 new products in 2018)

Sustainable Paper Packaging

Amorepacifc Group uses a variety of sustainable papers, such as FSC-certified papers made of wood from sustainable forests, papers made from plant by-products, and recycled papers. The papers are used in manufacture product containers. In addition, Amorepacific Group is actively using papers made of plant by-products such as tangerine peelings or seaweed. They are mixed with recycled pulp to produce eco-friendly papers.

Using Raw Materials from Beautiful Fair Trade

We have concluded purchasing agreements with local farm households and have been making products with the raw materials cultivated in the local area, thereby realizing coexistence with the local community.

Developing Universal-designed Containers

Amorepacific Group is expanding the scope of universal design that allows anyone to use the product conveniently regardless of age or discomfort. (Applied to 33 new products in 2018)

Reviving Discarded Plant Resources

Innisfree, together with Jeju Anthracite, reused abandoned coffee beans and developed upcycle products for keratin care such as coffee oil and scrub powder.

Developing Social Contribution Products

HERA is the main sponsor of 'Pink Ribbon Campaign', annually launching the Pink Ribbon Limited Edition and contributing some of its sales proceeds to the Korea Breast Health Foundation.
Sustainable Stores

Amorepacific Group strives to create eco-friendly stores by using materials with eco-certificates and high-efficiency lighting when launching new stores and renewing the existing stores.

Group is also spreading the culture of sustainable consumption by applying eco-friendly materials in store supplies and sharing sustainability information of products with customers.

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