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2018 Amorepacific Group Sustainability Report
Exciting Changes
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Sustainable lifestyle

Good Habits for Earth in Everyday Life

Exciting Changes
Even though we are facing grave environmental and social issues, we can overcome them if we find pleasure in everyday challenges and work to change ourselves. Amorepacific Group will continue to lead the way toward a better future and A MORE Beautiful World, pioneering Exciting Changes.
Sustainable Lifestyle
We are realizing Responsible Consumption and Production (SDG 12) by proposing sustainable products and spreading good habits that can be practiced in daily life for the planet through various brand campaigns.
Ratio of new products with environmentally and socially-friendly properties
GREENCYCLE Used Container Collection(accumulate)
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Inclusive Growth
We are committed to achieving inclusive growth by ensuring health and well-being for employees, business partners, and the disadvantaged in the community. We hope to contribute to achieving Gender Equality (SDG 5), cultivating a culture of respect for diversity and providing opportunities for growth for all.
Ratio of Women Managers
Size of Shared Growth Fund
Number of Beneficiaries of 20 by 20 Commitment
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Circular Economy
We prevent climate change by saving energy, and adapt to climate change by increasing resource efficiency and conserving biodiversity. Through this, we will join the movement of the world toward the circular economy.
GHG Emissions Intensity
0.806tCO2eq/tonnes of production
Water Consumption
8.413tonne/tonnes of production
Renewable Energy Generation
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Exciting Changes

Message from CEO Sustainable Lifestyle Inclusive Growth Circular Economy
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2018 Amorepacific Group Sustainability Report